Samia Vento is a Psychological Dog Trainer with 12 years experience. Sam's Puppy Play is a New Age Dog Training Company. Samia Vento, the owner and operator of Sam's Puppy Play uses the most modern methods to train dogs. She uses psychological methods along with positive based reinforcement training. Combined, these training methods have rehabilitated numerous dogs. Because of her natural ability to train dogs, she is now known as the Dog Whisperer.

Samia not only trains your dogs, but trains the owners as well. She shares her knowledge with the owners so that both Dogs and their Humans can coexist happily, and take the hassle out of owning a dog. She addresses issues such as Basic Obedience training, Housebreaking, Nipping, Digging, Excessive Barking, Treadmill Training, Aggressiveness, and much more. But most of all, you will learn how to keep a sound household without compromising the happiness or mental well being of your dog.

It is heartbreaking to hear of dogs having to be given up or thrown into an Animal Shelter because the owners deemed them untrainable. If your dog is exhibiting behavioral problems or is simply not listening to you, it is not his fault. Punishing your dog is the worst thing you can do. Instead, try redirecting him and teaching him what you would like him to do. By doing so, he will want to please you. Any harsh punishments, including yelling at your dog will cause behavioral side effects. These side effects will cause a different behavioral problem to surface. A dog cannot be expected to enter into a human environment and miraculously become THE PERFECT DOG. Achieving this goal takes time and commitment on the part of the owner. With proper training and humane handling, you can certainly have a wonderful companion to share your life with.

Our goal is to provide the correct environment for your Dogs, so that they can be properly trained. Private in home training sessions are always available. Phone consultations are available at a reduced rate.

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